7 Best Climate Change Stocks to Buy Right Now

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These companies are fighting climate change — and could end up being good long-term investments as well. 

If you’re concerned about climate change, stock investing might not seem like an obvious solution. But thousands of companies around the world are helping to improve the environment — and some of them also happen to be publicly traded. 

This creates an opportunity for investors interested in buying stocks that tackle the effects of climate change — and trust me, it’s a huge opportunity. 

The energy company Brookfield Renewable Partners, which I’ll talk more about later, estimates that decarbonization spending will surpass $100 trillion over the next thirty years. 

Even if you’re less inclined to believe the worst-case scenarios for climate change, it’s difficult to overlook the amount of time and money governments around the world are spending to address this issue.

To find some of the best companies — and potentially good investments — that are focusing their efforts to fight climate change, take a look at the seven companies below. 

7 Best Climate Change Stocks:

  1. Energy Recovery 
  2. Brookfield Renewable Partners 
  3. First Solar 
  4. Microsoft 
  5. Generac Holdings
  6. Ford Motor Co.
  7. NextEra Energy 

1. Energy Recovery (NASDAQ: ERII)

  • Energy Recovery (NASDAQ:ERII)
  • Price: $22.44 (as of close Nov 11, 2021)
  • Market Cap: $1.282B