bencb reviews Tom Dwan’s six-figure pots

Bonus mingguan Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Undian mingguan lainnya tampil dilihat secara berkala melalui kabar yg kami umumkan pada situs itu, lalu juga bisa ditanyakan kepada teknisi LiveChat pendukung kami yg stanby 24 jam On-line untuk melayani seluruh maksud para pengunjung. Ayo segera join, dan menangkan prize Toto dan Kasino On the internet tergede yang terdapat di lokasi kita.

Something different today from Raise Your Edge, in this free video bencb and FaLLout86 review some televised cash game pots by some of the biggest names in poker.

If you are thinking of checking out the cash game courses at Raise Your Edge, here is a great teaser of what you might expect. bencb is joined by cash game coach ‘FaLLout86’ to review some televised cash game hands. 

They review six-figure pots from the likes of Tom Dwan, Charlie Carrell and Garrett Adelstein, then extrapolate the lessons we can all take to smaller stakes games. 

Expect to see lots of big exploits and also just our two coaches having fun reviewing some sick spots from the biggest games in poker. 

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About the Cash Game Bundle

The Online Cash Apprentice course is brought to you by ‘FaLLout86’ and ‘Cold_Smile’ two of the biggest winning regs at ZOOM. The course uses their own personal ranges and is updated regularly.

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As this is Raise Your Edge, the site known for MTT excellence, these two courses are ideal for players moving from MTTs to cash games. If you make the move, you can expect:

  • Less downsings: No pay jumps or increasing blinds mean there is less variance
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  • Immediate improvements: You will see the benefit from hard work away from the tables
Raise Your Edge Sale - course overview

Get $250 off the cash game bundle