Journey report –avi laughlin promotion, and the Gin mill cardroom in Lubbock texas.

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 Let me get started with the actuality its great to be out of Las Vegas, because i had only 21k still left of the 36k i experienced in cincinnati when i flew to vegas. most of it was all lost on blackjack of all varieties, dwell and video, 6-5 and 3-2 both of those. at the very least now i wont be actively playing any a lot more blackjack.

i was at the Avi in Laughlin and i dont know who turned me in, for the reason that the only just one i know in addition to me and Monthly bill Potts that knew about that marketing was Benny and Cutter, and Benny is the one particular who explained to me about it, then got pissed i instructed Monthly bill Potts. but i believe a whole lot of the sellers and players at the riverside in laughlin who dont like me almost certainly also observed me playing in there, and some of them knew of the web site i would presume. also the NL at the riverside isnt heading really as generally as theyd initially claimed considering that Laughlin went back again to masks and summers ending. but continue to far extra frequently than it did a long time in the past prior to prices skyrocketed in laughlin.

but i dropped a ton of money on that advertising and so did Monthly bill Potts. and when i went back to get my absolutely free rooms promised to me by the host, stability informed me they didnt want me there and told me about my aged web site article building them unpleasant and stated anyone who preferred to stay nameless instructed them about it, and i imagine they just googled my name and just didnt want to notify me. i cant image Benny accomplishing it and no 1 else understood where by i was playing. 

so if u are an AP, go melt away out the marketing. the video BJ which ordinarily pays 99.25 on every 100 pounds operate thru it has 6x factors if u are over 50 on monday and wednesday. which brings the payout up to 100.45 and if u bet sufficient u need to make 200 or much more in ev per hour, with a restrict of $500 free of charge engage in per day. but u can wager up to 3 spots and Monthly bill Potts endorses $149 for every location. which is about $450 in bets 120 occasions an hour. with any luck , they will acquire a massive reduction as extended as their equipment isnt rigged, currently being an indian casino. 

i think whoever told them just didnt want me undertaking the promotion.

so i went again to vegas, used my 3 free nites at resorts but i continue to had to shell out $51 a day in vacation resort fees. and then he drove me to lubbock texas for $200

i went to the wrong cardroom in Lubbock, but it was a couple of blocks throughout the freeway from my hotel. and Monthly bill Potts wasnt staying at my resort, but with a close friend at his residence.

so i went to the Gin Mill and experienced to wait til almost 1130 at night time once the tourney ended for a cash video game to get started and then it was only 4 of us, and soon grew to become 3 of us and i lost concerning $160-200.

experienced i went to stacks or west texas card household, i couldve commenced enjoying substantially faster and sat at a whole desk. stacks experienced a $5 blind on the button (strange spot for it) and the other club had major o with a blind of $10-25 (your option) on the button and a higher min invest in of $200 which i didnt come to feel i could pay for since if the blind put out 25, id only have 8 large bets. 

had i not blew all the revenue id have gladly played. Bill Potts assumed the video game was also tiny for him and i discovered it a great deal far too superior.

but i made a decision to stick to 1-2 and waited all damn night time for a video game to commence in the scaled-down place

am happy to finally be back again in Houston, gained $883 nowadays, which can help a very small bit but doesnt start off to get better all the expenses, ive now invested far a lot more that on my housing this thirty day period in houston for the upcoming 4 weeks. at the very least i cant participate in no additional devices or BJ or vbj. theres some good promotions going on now in houston and games are even now just as unfastened. some of them are completely absolutely free rake but theres nevertheless a gimmick involved this kind of as a $5-8 BBJ fall for every hand if the pot is around $50 (and no fall if under)

its wonderful also to be in a state exactly where the governor cares about his citizens and the place no just one will be forced to consider a vaccine or don a mask, in contrast to the mangers of the wsop this year. how will they get any small business at all? the vaccine doesnt do in the vicinity of as a lot to safeguard u as possessing covid in the previous does to safeguard u. Bill potts still left vegas specially for the reason that he refused to put on a mask any more and would consistently be instructed to leave. he isnt keeping here long he observed a occupation in Keene NH operating for the libertarian party to conclude masks and vaccine mandates. i wonder how poker will be up there?