Ninja Warrior prop bet ends in dispute

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Shaun Deeb and Tony Miles had a public disagreement on who won their $75,000 prop bet when Miles was on the show.

Tony Miles

2018 WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles set himself an outlandish challenge to complete the Ninja Warrior course, which naturally led to a five figure prop bet. 

Shaun Deeb offered him $75,000 to his $5,000 that he couldn’t complete the course. This week Miles appeared on the show and qualified for the next round. Bet over, Miles won, right? 

Not quite, a dispute followed over the interpretation of winning the bet. Deeb was adamant it involved ‘hitting the buzzer’ which happens at the very end of the course. Miles, however, did not get that far but by making it to stage five of the course, he qualified for the next round. Miles believed the bet was about getting to the next round of the show. 

This led to Deeb taking to social media to air his grievance as well as sharing screenshots that proved they used the term ‘hit the buzzer’ as part of the bet:

Miles then took to Twitter to say that he believes he clearly won the bet, but to avoid a potentially toxic situation agreed to pay Deeb the $5,000:

As tends to be the way with these things, it still is a little heated on Twitter but it seems to be calming down. Once again, this is an example of a poker player getting themselves in tremendous shape for a prop bet, so as such Miles has really benefited from this affair even if it ended in less than ideal terms. 

Whose side are you on for this bet? Let us know in the comments: