Not just cover pictures – Set up videos as covers for Facebook pages On Facebook pages you can now also define videos as title pictures. Title pictures are one of the few options for creating Facebook pages and also one of the most overrated. Actually, the article could also be called: “Videos as cover picture of Facebook pages!


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This is how to setup a cover video on facebook

First understand the basics. If you set a video as title picture, it looks pretty good:

Or in the desktop version of Facebook:

This means that in both versions the video is automatically played on the page. In both versions the video has no sound, just like the autoplay videos in the newfeed.

Set video as cover picture
We don’t really need a manual for that, you set the video just like you set a picture:

Upload and you’re done.

Not all pages have the function yet. As always, something like this will be published bit by bit, which means, if you can’t upload a video yet, you’ll have to wait a bit.

Guidelines and tips for videos as title pictures
In this article we have already described how you can create the perfect cover image for Facebook, which image size you should use and how it will look across the different devices.

Cover Video Facebook Guidelines

Facebook basically has similar specifications and similar problems.

Recommendation: 820 x 312 Pixel
Video length: up to 90 seconds
Video size, file format and codec: Just like on Facebook.
The inconsistency of Facebook is already noticeable in the details, because Facebook recommends 820 x 315 pixels for pictures. However, the difference becomes really noticeable when you compare the desktop and the mobile version of the video:

The same problems that we described in the cover picture. The format doesn’t really match. It’s even displayed differently on every mobile device.

Videos in the Facebook cover should also be optimized for mobile use.
As you can see from the Narcos example, you have a different representation on desktop pages than on mobile pages. Facebook cuts off a part of the video in the mobile version on the left as well as on the right. Since most users use Facebook on their smartphone, you’ll need to optimize the display for it, not the display on your computer.

Our tips are therefore: Use only videos with centered content. It shouldn’t matter if something on the left and right disappears. If you don’t have a suitable video, then read our article about the normal cover pictures, where we describe in detail how to optimize your smartphone and make sure that Facebook doesn’t crop the page margins.

Facebook will also extract a static image from the video in many other display options. If someone shares your page, the newsfeed will not display the video:Looks really awesome!

That’s also true! Of course we cannot contradict that. If you have a suitable video or animation for the cover, or can extract it from an existing video, then use the new format! It’s definitely cooler than a static photo.

There are countless cover songs, many of which don’t even know that the song is not the original version. Cover songs are a message of love to the original interpreter. The secret of a perfect cover song is to take something brilliant and turn it into something new and inspiring.

A great musician who reinterprets a classic song – what could be more exciting? Sometimes a cover version is a faithful rendition, made out of love and respect for the original song. Others turn the original melody upside down and make the song almost unrecognizable, which can be very exciting for the listener.

There are some songs you don’t really appreciate until another musician picks them up and makes them something special. Often cover songs give you a different mood and show you the complexity of the original in a way you would never have noticed before. Sometimes a cover artist creates a new interpretation that is so well received by the listener that the cover version even surpasses the original. So a dance song becomes a rock ballad and a rap song becomes a love song. Occasionally it takes a complete makeover to reach a different target group.

One of the most famous and best-known cover songs of all time is the song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. The song was covered by country singer Johnny Cash, who turned it into a dark country track. It became Johnny Cash’s most famous song, whose cover version far exceeds the popularity of the original.

Many other songs such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, “Respect” and “Tainted Love” eclipsed the original version. In the following we want to introduce you to the 100 best cover songs of all times. Take a look at our playlist and you’ll be surprised how many famous songs are actually a cover version and have successfully replaced the original.

The 10 best cover songs

Hurt Johnny Cash – Original from: Nine Inch Nails

Bad Side of the Moon April Wine – Original from: Elton John

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – Original from: Robert Hazard

Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O’Connor – Original from: The Family

Live and Let Die by Guns N’ Roses – Original from: Wings

Respect Aretha Franklin Original from: Otis Redding

Tainted Love Soft Cell – Original from: Gloria Jones

Unchained Melody Lykke Li Original from: Todd Duncan

Do You Wanna Dance The Ramones – Original from: Bobby Freeman

I Found A Reason – Cat Power Original from: Velvet Underground

acoustic Guitar

In everyday life as a musician who plays a lot of cover songs you often hear and read acoustic guitar – often referring to the western guitar. This is not completely wrong, but linguistically imprecise, since a concert guitar can also be meant.

Because western and concert guitars belong to the same type of guitar, it is difficult for amateurs to distinguish between them. Therefore we have summarized the typical characteristics of both guitars for you.

Difference Concert and Western Guitars

Characteristics Classical Guitar

  • Nylon strings (or carbon) (considered more pleasant to play than the steel strings of the Western guitar)
  • Perforated head plate
  • wider fretboard
  • The strings are knotted at the bridge

Features Western Guitar

  • steel strings
  • Closed head plate
  • The strings are fixed to the bridge with pins
  • Frequently cutaway (that’s how you call the “indentation” on the body)
  • Often built-in cartridge
  • pickguard
  • Better asserts itself in the volume

But watch out: These characteristics are not laws. Often there are western guitars that take up the characteristics of concert guitars – and vice versa. There are classical guitars with cutaway or western guitars with openwork head plates.

Difference in strings

I’ve already listed it upstairs: A classical guitar has nylon strings, a western guitar has steel strings. This is especially important for beginners. Steel strings are much more unpleasant for the fingertips, especially for beginners. The softer nylon strings are the better alternative for beginners, because the cornea is not really pronounced yet.

Difference in sound

The difference in the sound of these two guitar types is mainly influenced by the strings. While the nylon strings sound rather warm, the steel strings provide a brighter, more brilliant sound.

Classical guitars are more often used in classical music. Hence the name classical guitar. But the classical guitar is also the guitar of choice for flamenco.

The Western guitar is at home in many modern styles. For example pop, rock, blues, folk or even western music.

Which guitar should I play?

Now you know the differences between the two guitars, but you certainly don’t know which guitar is the right one for you. Whether you personally should go for the concert guitar or rather for the western guitar, we’ll deal with that in another article: Which guitar is right for me?

Bluetooth Microphone Test for Karoke at Home

If you want to turn your home into a Karoke bar and sing your best cover version of ACDC’s Highway to Hell it’s now easy with a Bluetooth microphone! A Bluetooth microphone is a wireless microphone, similar to a wireless microphone. Instead of wireless, it works via Bluetooth. There aren’t that many Bluetooth microphones on the market today. The quality of most Bluetooth microphones does not yet reach that of wireless microphones. A good Bluetooth microphone has its price.

Sing Karaoke with a Bluetooth Microphone

Intended use for a Bluetooth Microphone

Bluetooth is mainly used to connect devices without cables to a smartphone. The main use of Bluetooth is therefore as a hands-free device for cars, so that you have your hands on the steering wheel when making calls. Telephoning with a smartphone on your ear now costs 60 euros (see catalogue of fines). For the money you get a very good Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth in-ear headset.

Also motorcyclists use Bluetooth microphones for a direct communication among themselves during a route as well as as hands-free equipment under the helmet.

With presentation in small framework one can couple a Bluetooth microphone with a Bluetooth loudspeaker to the amplification of the own voice. This variant of radio transmission is much simpler and cheaper than radio microphones. However, this simplification goes hand in hand with a somewhat weaker sound quality.

Another option is to use the sound for video recordings as a replacement for an expensive wireless microphone. However, the quality is not intoxicating due to the short range and is therefore only something for hobby users.

There are now also special karaoke microphones that are equipped with a loudspeaker and together with a matching smartphone app for cheap and mobile karaoke fun.

Bluetooth Microphone Test

There are plenty Bluetooth Microphones on the market. You can’t test all by yourself or check¬†our source for best bluetooth microphones.

For example Sena BT10 Bluetooth Microphone costs about 140 bucks and offers a good sound quality. With the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology and a range of up to 300 metres, the Sena BT10 provides clear sound.

Since the Sena BT10 Bluetooth microphone is very small and lightweight, it can be used as a wireless reporter microphone or for stage use, for example. The microphone can also be connected to Bluetooth-capable action cameras such as a GoPro4, a smartphone such as the iPhone6 or any other Bluetooth-capable device. The Sena BT10’s rugged and waterproof construction means it can withstand adverse conditions and keep moving, such as jogging in the rain.

Other possible applications are operation with any stereo headphones and other headsets for wireless communication with other Sena headsets.

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth intercom, range up to 300 meters
  • Four-way conference intercom system
  • Robust, sweat- and water-resistant for motion-intensive environments

Alternative Bluetooth Microphones

The Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth Microphone* is one of the best rated Bluetooth microphones on various websites such as Amazon. In a stylish and handy design, receiver and microphone transmitter come together as a strong duo that communicates wirelessly over a distance of up to 50 meters.

Two earphones are also included in the set. Sony’s Bluetooth Mic is currently the only one on the market that meets professional demands when used with video cameras. The receiver is connected via the microphone input of the camera. The microphone unit is placed close to the sound source or the speaker. The sound is transmitted in excellent quality via Bluetooth.

Due to the good sound quality, the Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth microphone is an inexpensive alternative to a wireless microphone for videographers.

For just under 70 bucks you can get the Nolan MIC Bluetooth Microphone*. The Nolan microphone is supposed to provide clear sound for podcasts, distance learning, web conferencing, voice recordings, video cameras and much more. And be compatible with most Bluetooth wireless audio receivers and speakers. But Amazon customers see it a little differently. The Nolan Bluetooth Micro is said to have poor audio quality with broken connections.

  • Works with most Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers, recorders, Bluetooth-enabled recorders and smartphones, tablets and camcorders.
  • Sound quality mediocre
  • Transmission distance up to 30m
  • Suitable for podcasts, panel discussions, Skype, web conferences, distance learning, speech recognition, YouTube, camcorders
  • up to 6 hours talk time
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • stylish design
  • LED indicator