Bluetooth Microphone Test for Karoke at Home

Turn your home into a karaoke bar with a bluetooth microphone

If you want to turn your home into a Karoke bar and sing your best cover version of ACDC’s Highway to Hell it’s now easy with a Bluetooth microphone! A Bluetooth microphone is a wireless microphone, similar to a wireless microphone. Instead of wireless, it works via Bluetooth. There aren’t that many Bluetooth microphones on the market today. The quality of most Bluetooth microphones does not yet reach that of wireless microphones. A good Bluetooth microphone has its price.

Sing Karaoke with a Bluetooth Microphone

Intended use for a Bluetooth Microphone

Bluetooth is mainly used to connect devices without cables to a smartphone. The main use of Bluetooth is therefore as a hands-free device for cars, so that you have your hands on the steering wheel when making calls. Telephoning with a smartphone on your ear now costs 60 euros (see catalogue of fines). For the money you get a very good Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth in-ear headset.

Also motorcyclists use Bluetooth microphones for a direct communication among themselves during a route as well as as hands-free equipment under the helmet.

With presentation in small framework one can couple a Bluetooth microphone with a Bluetooth loudspeaker to the amplification of the own voice. This variant of radio transmission is much simpler and cheaper than radio microphones. However, this simplification goes hand in hand with a somewhat weaker sound quality.

Another option is to use the sound for video recordings as a replacement for an expensive wireless microphone. However, the quality is not intoxicating due to the short range and is therefore only something for hobby users.

There are now also special karaoke microphones that are equipped with a loudspeaker and together with a matching smartphone app for cheap and mobile karaoke fun.

Bluetooth Microphone Test

There are plenty Bluetooth Microphones on the market. You can’t test all by yourself or checkĀ our source for best bluetooth microphones.

For example Sena BT10 Bluetooth Microphone costs about 140 bucks and offers a good sound quality. With the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology and a range of up to 300 metres, the Sena BT10 provides clear sound.

Since the Sena BT10 Bluetooth microphone is very small and lightweight, it can be used as a wireless reporter microphone or for stage use, for example. The microphone can also be connected to Bluetooth-capable action cameras such as a GoPro4, a smartphone such as the iPhone6 or any other Bluetooth-capable device. The Sena BT10’s rugged and waterproof construction means it can withstand adverse conditions and keep moving, such as jogging in the rain.

Other possible applications are operation with any stereo headphones and other headsets for wireless communication with other Sena headsets.

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth intercom, range up to 300 meters
  • Four-way conference intercom system
  • Robust, sweat- and water-resistant for motion-intensive environments

Alternative Bluetooth Microphones

The Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth Microphone* is one of the best rated Bluetooth microphones on various websites such as Amazon. In a stylish and handy design, receiver and microphone transmitter come together as a strong duo that communicates wirelessly over a distance of up to 50 meters.

Two earphones are also included in the set. Sony’s Bluetooth Mic is currently the only one on the market that meets professional demands when used with video cameras. The receiver is connected via the microphone input of the camera. The microphone unit is placed close to the sound source or the speaker. The sound is transmitted in excellent quality via Bluetooth.

Due to the good sound quality, the Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth microphone is an inexpensive alternative to a wireless microphone for videographers.

For just under 70 bucks you can get the Nolan MIC Bluetooth Microphone*. The Nolan microphone is supposed to provide clear sound for podcasts, distance learning, web conferencing, voice recordings, video cameras and much more. And be compatible with most Bluetooth wireless audio receivers and speakers. But Amazon customers see it a little differently. The Nolan Bluetooth Micro is said to have poor audio quality with broken connections.

  • Works with most Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers, recorders, Bluetooth-enabled recorders and smartphones, tablets and camcorders.
  • Sound quality mediocre
  • Transmission distance up to 30m
  • Suitable for podcasts, panel discussions, Skype, web conferences, distance learning, speech recognition, YouTube, camcorders
  • up to 6 hours talk time
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • stylish design
  • LED indicator