The 10 most successful cover songs of all time

There are countless cover songs, many of which don’t even know that the song is not the original version. Cover songs are a message of love to the original interpreter. The secret of a perfect cover song is to take something brilliant and turn it into something new and inspiring.

A great musician who reinterprets a classic song – what could be more exciting? Sometimes a cover version is a faithful rendition, made out of love and respect for the original song. Others turn the original melody upside down and make the song almost unrecognizable, which can be very exciting for the listener.

There are some songs you don’t really appreciate until another musician picks them up and makes them something special. Often cover songs give you a different mood and show you the complexity of the original in a way you would never have noticed before. Sometimes a cover artist creates a new interpretation that is so well received by the listener that the cover version even surpasses the original. So a dance song becomes a rock ballad and a rap song becomes a love song. Occasionally it takes a complete makeover to reach a different target group.

One of the most famous and best-known cover songs of all time is the song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. The song was covered by country singer Johnny Cash, who turned it into a dark country track. It became Johnny Cash’s most famous song, whose cover version far exceeds the popularity of the original.

Many other songs such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, “Respect” and “Tainted Love” eclipsed the original version. In the following we want to introduce you to the 100 best cover songs of all times. Take a look at our playlist and you’ll be surprised how many famous songs are actually a cover version and have successfully replaced the original.

The 10 best cover songs

Hurt Johnny Cash – Original from: Nine Inch Nails

Bad Side of the Moon April Wine – Original from: Elton John

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – Original from: Robert Hazard

Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O’Connor – Original from: The Family

Live and Let Die by Guns N’ Roses – Original from: Wings

Respect Aretha Franklin Original from: Otis Redding

Tainted Love Soft Cell – Original from: Gloria Jones

Unchained Melody Lykke Li Original from: Todd Duncan

Do You Wanna Dance The Ramones – Original from: Bobby Freeman

I Found A Reason – Cat Power Original from: Velvet Underground